Customer rights for baggage

In addition to the European “Air carrier liability for passengers and their baggage”, these are the rights for Brazilian passengers and their baggage.

Baggage delays

If the passenger is outside his domicile and has incurred expenses of first necessity (for example hygiene products or pieces of clothing) due to delay of his luggage, he can request a refund. The compensation limit corresponds to the equivalent in reais to EUR 60 per each day of the baggage delay, limited to 21 days. The passenger has to request for a refund within 21 days as of baggage reception, by sending an e-mail to the KLM Customer Contact Centre, indicating the bank account data in Brazil (including CPF) and forwarding the receipts of the purchases made.

Destruction, loss or damage to baggage

If the baggage is not found within 21 days after the declaration of loss (protest), the carrier will make a compensation. In order to do so, the passenger must send an e-mail to the KLM Customer Contact Centre with a copy of the proof of material damage suffered (invoices, proof of purchases), as well as bank account data in Brazil (including CPF).